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Professionally Hanging Holiday Lights in West Haven, CT

We help you create beautiful displays of holiday lights without any of the hassle!

Holiday lighting can add a special touch to your home or business' seasonal outdoor decorations, whether for Christmas, Diwali, Halloween, or another holiday celebration. But planning, installing, and managing holiday lighting displays can dampen even the brightest of holiday spirits. Hiring a professional holiday lighting installation company can save you the time, hassle, and potential risk of damage or injury associated with installing and taking down lights yourself.

Get back to enjoying the holiday season and let our specialists handle your holiday lighting needs. We custom cut, install, maintain, take down, and store the holiday lights, so all that's left for you to do is enjoy them! Our specialty lighting products are designed with durability in mind and won't damage the roof.

Bright Brothers of the Valley offers free holiday lighting consultations and estimates for Connecticut homes, storefronts, and commercial properties in West Haven, Seymour, Hamden, and surrounding areas.

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Bright Done Right!

Professional holiday light installation from Bright Brothers of the Valley gives this home a warm and festive feel!

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Our Holiday Lighting Services

Custom-Cut Lights
Holiday Lights Installation
Lighting Maintenance
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Walkway Lights
Wreaths & Garland
Roof Lights
Lighting Storage

Why hire a professional to install holiday lights?

Why Hire for Holiday Lighting Installations in Seymour

Avoid tangled holiday lights, wrong measurements, broken bulbs, and other hassles!

Installing holiday lights involves determining how many lights you need, choosing the right type of lights, and knowing how to hang lights safely and without damage. Plus, you'll need to worry about maintaining the lights, replacing broken bulbs, and storing them until next year's holiday season. The quickest and safest way to add lights to any display is by hiring a professional to handle the job.

Bright Brothers of the Valley is your full-service holiday lighting solutions expert in Southwestern Connecticut.

Benefits of Bright Brothers Holiday Lighting Services:

We are committed to excellence, safety, and property protection. Our trained installers and durable, long-lasting lights ensure our Connecticut customers get the best display for their home or business. Holiday lights installation services from the Bright Brothers offers several benefits, including:

  • Custom-cut lights: Whether you own a residential home or a commercial property, every building is different. With our custom-cut lights and expert installers, you can expect clean lines and perfect measurements every time. That means nothing is out of place or hanging off the edge!
  • No climbing on ladders to hang lights: Hanging roof lights, walkway lights, and door lights is a tedious and tiring task. No matter how beautiful the end result is, climbing up and down on a ladder can be exhausting. Plus, one misstep can lead to a painful injury that can ruin everyone's holiday. That is where our professionally-trained and insured light hangers can help! We efficiently and carefully design and install beautiful displays, ensuring a safe site from start to finish.
  • Less time and hassle: Climbing on a ladder, detangling yards of lights, purchasing hooks and nails, and measuring the roofline are just some of the factors that can make installing holiday lights stressful and time consuming. We take the stress out of holiday light installation by designing the display, measuring your property, providing custom-cut lights, installing lights, and taking it all down. Plus, we even provide lighting storage!
  • Maintenance throughout the holidays: Many home and commercial property owners think the stress stops at hanging lights. Unfortunately, even the best prep work and installation will not prevent bulbs from going out or lights breaking. That is why we also help with ongoing maintenance. Our job doesn't stop after we install your holiday lights. If your display needs adjustments or replacement lights, we're one call away all season long!
  • Quick & prompt take down services: After the holiday season, many home and commercial property owners aim to have their lights down by the third week of January. But even with the deadline, life often takes over and lights are rarely down on time. That is why Bright Brothers of the Valley goes a step further with take-down services. We take the hassle out of every phase of the process!

Our "5 Years of Cheer" Holiday Lighting Service

Worry-Free Annual Installation, Removal & Storage

Our goal is to remove the stress and hassle of installing, removing, and storing holiday lights. Bright Brothers' "5 Years of Cheer" program does exactly that. Each year, we:

Install custom-fit holiday lights at the beginning of the season.
Maintain your holiday lights to keep them looking their best and brightest all season long.
Uninstall your lights once the holiday season is over.
Properly remove and store your holiday lights until next season.

Commercial Holiday Light Displays

Commercial Holiday Lighting Installation in West Haven

From custom-cut lights to take-down services and lighting storage, we handle all aspects of your holiday lighting installation for your business.

The holidays are a festive time - and many businesses are excited to spread the cheer with banners, decorations, and twinkling lights! The right decor can attract more visitors to a retail location, commercial building, or municipal property. However, this season is a busy time, especially for businesses. Designing a display, untangling cords, hanging lights, and measuring a commercial property are just some of the hassles that make decorating difficult.

Your local Bright Brothers in Southwestern Connecticut will install, take down, and store custom holiday lights so you can focus on your families, employees, clients, and business during this hectic time. Don't miss out on the joy and visibility beautiful holiday lights can bring to your commercial property!

We Offer Commercial Holiday Lighting for:

Municipal Buildings
Retail Properties/Storefronts

Get a free estimate on commercial holiday lighting installations to learn more. We serve Connecticut property owners throughout Shelton, Stratford, Hamden, Seymour, and nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install holiday lights?

Many home holiday light displays can be put up in less than a day. Large, elaborate, or commercial lighting displays typically require a couple of days or more to complete. For a better idea of how long your holiday lighting installation might take, contact us to request a free design consultation and estimate.

How much does it cost to put up and take down holiday lights?

The cost of holiday lighting installations and take-downs depends on the size of the home or building and the complexity of the display. Bright Brothers' "5 Years of Cheer" program includes installation, maintenance, storage, and take down in the cost when a customer signs up for a 5-year holiday lighting service plan. Contact us today to discuss all of the options or to book a free consultation and estimate.

Free Holiday Lighting Estimates

Whether you are planning a large or complex display, are worried about climbing a ladder, or don't have time to create your ideal display, Bright Brothers of the Valley can help. During your free design consultation, we'll go over your options and provide you with a free cost estimate for your home or commercial holiday lighting service.

Looking for a price? Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

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